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Chet Zahnow
Chet Zahnow

Ruh Hali : Ne diyor bu *** kralı?

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MesajKonu: Şişenin Dibi   Şişenin Dibi EmptySalı Mayıs 12, 2015 4:39 pm

    The wet wooden ground was shouting under my feet as I step further, not to mention its weird, unpleasant and but also seductive smell. Yes, quite seductive especially for me. Queen's was like my beautiful maiden princess after all, I've been raised under her windy sails and protected by her sharp nails, the nails that I will never be able to feel in my back, the nails that belongs to Xonepe and her other slave goddesses who bless these seas every night and day.

    Maybe that was why I ended up being touched by my own sex, males, and their strenght. I finally accepted that It is almost impossible to find a women just like Queens, just like her mysterious soul. Yes, there was no way for me to get back from this ridiculious maze. And yet I was cool with it, I've already had sex and enjoyed plenty of men in my life. But when question comes to whether if I loved any of them, I would prefer not to answer those meaningless queries. Why would I need to feel anything special like ''love'' they say, to any of those mixtures of flesh and bones?

    Cellar was relatively cold and dusty, compared to my other lonely nights. Or Is it the reason why I feel so broken and sluggish, just because there was no heart ryhthms beating next to me? I jazzed up and searched for my favourite servant, one of the members of my ship, Wess. Well, I'm still not sure if he already knows the was I embrace him, sexually. He was there, in his deep and dark sleep, seems like waiting for my approach, kisses in the chest and so on. ''There is a lot to do on board, Wess. No time for your catnaps.'' Slowly my hands was taking a nice trip to his hairs while the pleasure was waiting in my veins and whipering my name constantly.

    But on a sunday morning sun
    Solo Sunrise~

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Wess Himbrecht
Wess Himbrecht

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MesajKonu: Geri: Şişenin Dibi   Şişenin Dibi EmptySalı Mayıs 12, 2015 9:44 pm

"Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are!"

I was mumbling under my breath while gazing at the moon and its little shiny sisters, the stars. The room I was given had a relatively decent window, a circular and wooden one which was helping light to find a way in. The light was welcomed by me, as always, it felt safer when my surroundings wasn't drown in unforgiving darkness. It wasn't as if I didn't enjoy the night time, truth is, in fact it was quite the opposite. I never once stopped liking how it was giving serenity with great generousity or how it was helping people to sleep by embracing them with its delicate arms, the latter one was no longer applying to me though by virtue of this spell talent I had or the curse some called it.

Sleeping alone wasn't an impossible task for me but I always preferred not to do so, since the time went through like a dreadful experience, much more worse than a nightmare anybody could ever have. But a body, next to me, and its protective warmth were the only way out of these distressing moments. I never understood the reason why night creatures never haunted me during my sleep with the presence of someone's body lying next to me, but I was quick to accept it as it is and very grateful.

I left my room in order to find our gentle captain Chet. In first look, he might look like an average, arrogant and a somehow rude pirate, as people always enjoyed giving labels, but with a closer one he had the heart of a mother, or in this case, a father. When I opened the door of his room, the emptyness revealed and I couldn't help but pouted like a little child who lost his cherished candy. Disappointment was written on my face when I decided to try once again, this time with our lovely captain's favourite place in this whole ship, cellar.

As I hurried my steps to the other side of the ship, someone from the crew, who probably never fond of my existense here, passed by me, whispering his vicious words without thinking how it could have affected me. I was used to it, yes, "the monster" they very much enjoyed calling behind me but even if I had never tried to protest it before, it did not mean I was not hurt afterall. Contrary to what they believed, I was not made of from stone heart, and I was still a human, not the monster they claimed I was. They were killing too, and with a great enthusiasm I should admit if I had a say in this matter.

Odds were probably against me today, as our captain was nowhere near in cellar, too. Hoping he would have come soon, I let my body fell onto the mattress on the floor without caring how much dusty it seemed. Just as I was about to drift into an another frigthening sleep, his firm yet sweet voiced was heard and I felt his warm hands caressing my hair. Peeking my one eye, I nuzzled his hands willingly, hungry for his touch, without thinking too much. "Like how, Captain Chet?" I asked, yawning. Slowly I found strenght to get my sore body up, only to rest on his bigger body. Had I have not just woken up from my sleep, I might have tried to seduce him but unfortunately, my mind was still clouded with numbness. "What brought you here Chet-Captain Chet?" I questioned him, playing the stupid. Expecting some pleasure never made you a sinner, I always believed in. I would have rather die in a corner if I ever lost the meaning of satisfaction.

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[size=13]If I pretend to doze off, I sway, filled with a needless spirit
In just a blink of darkness, look, look, it’s so beautiful
It’s so beautiful, it’s so beautiful

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